Digital Innovation

We have pioneered UI performance engineering for today’s analytics powered apps.

Our Digital and Analytics Services:

As a Risk Advisory, we are mindful of the reality that our clients have to constantly Innovate securely and responsively or be at risk of being outcompeted. We call it– being resilient to “Innovation Risk”. As more and more services go digital (Mobile or Web or IOT), your digital platform is not just a mere interface to information but an interactive, intelligent, and addictive outlet for your brand–it is essentially the face of your business. This is where tomorrow’s businesses will compete.

We can help you Innovate in this highly competitive consumer facing technology space by creating a modern front-end with big data back-end.


In UX, we focus on synthesizing user and stakeholder needs, and then work on the structure and behavior of client applications. We then lead Design Thinking Workshops and work in a rapid simulation of prototypes and design environment.


In UI, we focus either on “Digital Product” development from concept to production or delve into “Code Review” to improve performance of your existing code base and make design & coding practice change recommendations.

rsz_noun_50836_cc_pngIn Analytics, we either start with data or a question and dive deep into patterns and correlations then visualize insights quickly for immediate decision support.

Why enableIT:

  • Our creative UI practice team consists of Visual Thinkers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Interaction Designers, Information Architects, and Computer Scientists who combine Human-Centered Design, Behavioral Psychology, Learning Theory, Cognitive Science and Software Engineering principles to create aesthetic and performant interfaces to information.
  • We have dedicated in-house experts in UI Engineering who can mentor and coach you in spotting performance issues and help refreshing your Information Architectures to move to a modular and unblocking codebase for your web-scale.
  • We have a resident Data Science team helping clients adopt a data-driven culture. The team comprises of mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists and ethical hackers.
  • We have client references implementing Big Data solutions from metadata to streaming analytics.
  • We are frequent contributors to Strata/Hadoop, Predictive Analytics World and DevNexus Conferences.

Learn more about enableIT’s UI and Analytics Advisory services.

Our UX / UI Service:

We build beautiful and ergonomic customer interfaces for your digital products:

  • Experience Design: Responsive Web, Information Architecture, Search and Discovery, UX Research, Interactions, Personas, Story-boards, Journey Maps.
  • Live Style Guides: CSS Pre-processors (LESS, SASS, Stylus, Compass) and Organization (BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS).
  • High-performance Code: Full Stack JAVAScript– Angular, React, Node, Typescript, Backbone, Ember, Knockout, Require, Common etc.
  • Build: Grunt, Gulp
  • Packaging: NPM, Browserify
  • Compiler: V8
  • Webassembly

Our Analytics Service

We help you draw actionable insights from your structured data and unstructured content through our Data Science and Data Management Services.

Structured Data Services:

  • Transformation: Informatica, IBM DataStage, Ab Initio, Oracle Data Integrator, MS SSIS
  • Repository: Oracle RDBMS, Teradata, Microsoft, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL (open source)
  • Metadata, Taxonomy, Vocabulary: Informatica Metadata, Adaptive, Rochade, Abinitio Metadata
  • Reporting and Visualization: Business Objects, Cognos, SSRS Essbase, Microstrategy
Oracle OBIEE, Tableau, SAS, SPSS, Oracle R, Qlikview, D3, Handlebars, Highcharts
  • Cloud: AWS/EC,Azure,Vcloud,Openstack, Bluemix Devops: Chef, Puppet, Distelli, Saltstack
, Hadoop in cloud

Unstructured Data Services:

  • Column: Accumulo, Cassandra, Hbase,
  • Document: Clusterpoint, Couchbase, MarkLogic, MongoDB
  • Key-value: Dynamo, MemcacheDB, Project Voldemort, Redis, Riak
  • Graph: Allegro, Neo4J, OrientDB, and Virtuoso
Hadoop RDBMS: Splicemachine
  • Technology: Hadoop, HDFS
Map Reduce Hive, Hbase, NoSQL

Data Science as a Service:

  • Classification Systems Recommendations
  • Anomaly Detection / Outlier Analysis Graph Analysis
  • Kernel Density Methods
  • Social Media/Social Network Analysis
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Motion and Geospatial Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Mining

Our Methodology

We have crafted a “Findability Framework” to help our customers access the right information assets in the right form at the right time.

Download the Findability Framework for UI

We have crafted a “Data Governance Framework and Roadmap” to help our customers gain value from their internal and external data.

Download the Data Management Framework

Whitepaper: Vulnerability Management

This paper discusses common obstacles to a successful vulnerability management program and how to overcome them.

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